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Samplla® X at-home blood self-collection device. Samplla® X dried blood technology is separating plasma from blood cells on board while keeping your sample integrity as if it was liquid. No more waiting hours to package due to dry time. Samplla® X is designed to package while it is still wet, and ship immediately.

Unlike Dried Blood Spot (DBS) cards by using Samplla®, a revolutionize proprietary dried capillary whole-blood technology, you can gain the most accurate results.

Samplla is the only dried specimen method that provides high sensitivity and stability for antibodies, enzymes and low concentration analytes. 21 days at ambient temperature.

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Samplla Technology: Our Technology
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Our Innovative Technology

Samplla® S technology enables remote specimens collection, including urine, serum, plasma, or any other bodily fluid, and simple transportation at ambient temperature, including hot environments like summertime in Phoenix, Arizona, 50°C, and cold winter in Ontario, Canada, -20°C. Although some specimens are stable many others are sensitive to heat shocks. Never lose a specimen again with Samplla® S

All other dried technologies ignore precision. Poor correlation between dried and fresh specimens prevent current technologies from replacing expensive cold-chain logistics. Samplla® is the highest precision device on the market with only an additional 3% CV when compared to fresh methods of analysis.

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Samplla Technology: Our Technology
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Empowering healthcare without cold-chain logistics

Advanced Solutions

Get away from foam, dry ice, overnight shipping, and specialized sample logistics. Open new markets.

With the rise of home testing, when hundreds of lab tests are available to be purchased online via Fantestico, Samplla enables to expand decentralized diagnostics to any sensitive analytes.

Samplla Technology: Our Technology
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